Monday, 21 June 2010

Picnic Inspiration!

I've got the day off today, so i'm going for a picnic with my best friend, who is leaving for Canada on wednesday for three months!

Here are my essential picnic items...

Picnic blanket
Union Jack Picnic Blanket, John Lewis

Cute plastic plates & Bowls,

Mardi Gras Side plate, Marks & Spencer

Cute containers

Stackable snackboxes, Marks & Spencer

Pretty Dress
Seneca Rising Maxi Dress,

Cute picnic bag
Retro dotty picnic bag, not on the high street

And don't forget....
The food!
I like to choose a selection of delicious treats from Marks & Spencer, that can be eaten with your fingers such as meats, chorizo, tomatoes, cheese and delicious freshly baked breads.

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