Friday, 4 March 2011

Are you guilty of BLURKING?

I know I am! But 'what's blurking?' I hear you ask?

A Blog Lurker. Someone who reads a lot of blogs but never posts any comments.

I discovered Blurking the other day whilst reading the blog of wonderful photographer Lucy Stendall, and realised that I too am guilty of regularly reading blogs that I love and am inspired by, but very rarely sharing the love with a nice comment!

At that moment I decided that I too would stop the dreaded blurking, and from now on I will leave lovely comments on all of my favourite blogs, which will hopefully bring nice big smiles to my favourite bloggers faces! We all need a bit of encouragement every now and then and it's great to hear feedback from our readers!

Are you guilty of Blurking too? End it now - it only takes a second! :)

Leah x
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  1. I too am guilty of blurking ... hopefully this will be the first post of many! :)

  2. I have to say I have been very guilty of Blurking in the past. I am making an effort to get over my affliction and here I am pushing my way through it and in recovery. Ha. I agree that it only takes a second and all bloggers love to receive comments just to know they are providing the kind of content people want to read. So let's get commenting peeps and let people know when they are doing a good job.

    Good job lovely, and love your designs, I suggest everyone goes and checks out your site poppety-quick.

    Michelle x

  3. Hooray! Let the blog love commence! :)

    Thank you for your lovely comments Michelle - your site is super gorgeous!

    Leah x

  4. Another guilty blurker here! Love your work! x

  5. I love how all the blurkers are revealing themselves!! x

  6. This made me smile, as did your blog :)

  7. Hooray, i like making people smile! :)

  8. And Amen! I love love LOVE it when people comment on my blog posts - obviously me finding out about this post was because I wrote about this on the Love My Dress Facebook page today. It takes but a few seconds and yet the feedback it provides is invaluable to me as a blogger, and to the many people that supply all my blog content.

    So please you lovely Blurkers, come out of the shadows and leave a few kind words :)

    Lots of love,

    Annabel xXx

  9. I'm guilty of Blurking but didn't even realise until I read this and I will be making every effort from now on to leave a little comment on each of the blogs I read daily.

    Another fab post hon!!

    Emma xXxXx

  10. I'm such a blurker. Must try harder especially as comments make my day.


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