Monday, 16 May 2011

Say hello to the newest member of the team!

The Golden Apple team just got bigger!

Say hello to Scratch, he's 6 weeks old and is in charge of sleeping, eating, biting, and playing!
He's a border terrier with a little bit of Jack Russell in him, and is quite possibly the cutest puppy i've ever seen, which makes it very difficult when he's naughty!

We've called him Scratch as my boyfriend is a DJ - I wanted to call him McQueen (Mac for short!) but it didn't really suit him, and BF didn't really approve!

Here he is on the decks... he's not very good at mixing or scratching yet though!

Leah x

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  1. Aw Leah, he's just soooooo cute! You must be so pleased!! x

  2. I am so so pleased - i can't stop playing with him though, he's too cute!! x

  3. so so SO cute! remember to hide your favourite shoes... :) x

  4. Done! :) I'm wearing a really old pair - good for chewing! x

  5. He is super cute! :)
    I love the look on his face on the one where he's sat on the decks.. Like you've caught him doing something.X


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