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Golden Apple ♥'s The Wedding Reporter {Supplier Focus}

Ever since I came across the Wedding Reporter a couple of months ago, I have been completely head over heels in love with the idea! As somebody who is a hopeless romantic, I think that a beautifully written report chronicling your wedding day would make such a wonderful keepsake. I love the idea of an old couple digging out their report and reading it together after many years of happy marriage, amidst tears and laughter, it really tugs at my heart strings!

I asked Emma a few questions...

Who are you?
I am Emma Woodhouse, a freelance writer and creator of The Wedding Reporter, but you might know me better as Cloggins...

What do you do?
I rove the country visiting the frontline of the most delicious weddings & then create an incredibly bespoke wedding report for the bride and groom. By combining my passions for writing and weddings I hope to provide newlyweds with a different type of aide-memoir in years to come. A picture may paint a thousand words, but a thousand words sure add an extra layer of texture to your memories.

Is this your full time job or do you have a day job - if so what is it?

The Wedding Reporter is just the latest string to my bow, though I hope to eventually make it my one and only. I currently work full time for English Heritage, I moonlight occasionally in my husband's pub (since we live above it I can't really avoid it) and I'm studying for my masters degree. What this means is that I've got finely tuned people skills and a whole variety of writing skills!

What do you love most about what you do?
Witnessing love. There are very few occasions that are both so moving and so uplifting and it's great fun trying to transcribe that sense into words.

What inspires you?
Everything! Sometimes it's the way the sun is sitting over the buildings as I walk to work in the mornings, other times it's a really great photo or song. Pretty much anything gets my imagination going and it's this that causes the creative juices to flow. The tricky thing is trying to channel all of this into one, coherent, concise wedding report for a couple, when clearly weddings have so much in them to inspire a dreamer.

What is your favourite memory?
Lying in bed chatting with my husband one night and laughing so hard that I fell out of bed.

I like to treat myself to a frosty Margarita at the weekends… what’s your favourite cocktail?
I'm tee-total but I am a sucker for a Shirley Temple. The sugary sweetness sends me into a face-twitching, insomniac, hyperactive frenzy and I LOVE it.

And finally… anything else you’re itching to tell me?
I've got the most awesome designer working on the booklets that finished wedding reports will end up in. I can't wait to show them off!

Thanks Emma! I wonder who the awesome designer might be? ;)

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, and that you adore this fabulous idea as much as I do! I love love love Emma's writing style, and how passionate she is about what she does.

If you you'd like to find out more about the Wedding Reporter you can do so in the following ways...
Visit the website
Follow Emma on Twitter
Become a fan on Facebook!

Look out for Leicester supplier Can Dee Cween Cupcakery on the blog next week, and if you'd like to be featured here please email

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