Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sad times...

I had a couple of blog posts lined up for today, but after the events of last night it doesn't really feel appropriate. I stayed up until the early hours last night watching the events in London, Birmingham and other areas in disbelief, as well as following the tweets and facebook feeds of friends in those areas who were terrified by the events happening in their neighbourhoods.

There are some incredible pictures of the terrible events on this site, but the one that I think sums up the damage and gets to me the most is the image below - an 89 year old man assessing the damage that has been inflicted upon his hairdressing salon in Tottenham. It's heartbreaking to see somebodies lifes work destroyed - there won't have been anything worth stealing in this salon, so it was mindlessly trashed for no reason whatsoever and it's so sad.

I'm hoping that the people who created the facebook event for a riot in Leicester on Friday night (which has now been removed) won't go through with it as I don't want to see my lovely town destroyed.

My thoughts go out to everyone affected and to the families of the brave emergency services staff who are out on the streets keeping everyone safe. To all of my friends in London, Birmingham and any other areas affected - stay safe and lots of love.

Leah x
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