Monday, 3 October 2011

Best weekend ever? ♥ {Monday Musings}

What an amazing weekend!

As you may have heard, I went to Brighton with Ali Lovegrove (check out my behind the scenes holiday snaps here and some sneak previews of the shoot on Ali's blog here) and we had the most incredible time!

Although it was SUCH hard work it really was like a holiday and I had so much fun!

♥ My holiday highlights ♥

♥ The drive there - finally getting to speak to Ali in person and getting along like a house on fire!

♥ Not being able to find Louise's house and being absolutely terrified, which whilst scary at the time is really funny to look back on now!

♥ First setting eyes on the beautiful Oh My Honey creation and feeling butterflies that I was the lucky person who would be wearing it that very next day! (You can't see it in it's entirety yet, but there is a little preview on Ali's blog and I can tell you that it has a petticoat made from layers and layers of soft tulle in shades of pink and ivory and is made from the softest matt ivory duchess satin - to die for!)

♥ Getting up at 5.45am to get to the beach for sunrise, which was SO worth it.

♥ Being congratulated by passers by in the street who thought I was actually getting married!

♥ Thinking I could see a man praying at the water's edge (i didn't have my glasses on!) and being told it was just a rock, and then later finding out that is WAS a man praying!

♥ Seeing how excited and passionate Ali is about her work - she's amazing!

♥ Being given permission to take photographs on the carousel by the scary looking man who turned out to be lovely!

♥ Eating candyfloss

♥ Getting changed in the oh so glamorous multi story carpark!

♥ Hearing a little girl cry"It's a Princess!!"

♥ Going into the sea in a massive wedding dress!

♥ Finally changing out of the dress into normal clothes after a mammoth 8 hour shoot in the sweltering heat!

♥ Buying souvenir necklaces with Ali - I chose a carousel and she a lovely little camera, perfect!

♥ Eating the most delicious sausage and chips on the beach

♥ Buying ice cream from the funny man on the pier "Ice cream for you laaady?"

♥ Laughing at Ali struggling to eat the monstrous ice cream

♥ More lovely chat on the way home

♥ And finally... slumping down onto my sofa after the busiest, most fun packed, exciting day!

I hope your weekend was as good as mine! :)

♥ This Week ♥

Now back to reality, and as you can imagine my to do list is humongous!

This week i will mostly be...
♥ Preparing samples for some fantastic product shots with SMD Photography
♥ Designing some logos
♥ Sending out sample packs to brides and suppliers alike!
♥ Rejigging my logo and blog design packages
♥ Preparing for Sunday's shoot with Lucy Stendall
♥ Finishing off some invitation orders
♥ Designing some stationery for an Autumn themed wedding

For now though, i'm enjoying a well deserved day off (well, after this blog post!) so i will see you tomorrow!

Lots of love!

Leah x
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  1. Haha love this :) I see you chose not to embarrass me by telling all that I cried from being so scared that night! Also I zoomed into my photos of the rock/praying guy and I think he was taking photos under the pier!

    Best weekend ever lady, loved it and love you! xx


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