Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm in a New York state of mind...

I'm being a bit of a daydreamer today. For some reason New York is on my mind - I'm desperate to go and can't stop thinking about it! It keeps popping up wherever I look!

New York themed things that I can't get enough of...


A New York State of Mind by Billy Joel, one of my favourite songs ever...

Englishman in New York by Sting, an awesome tune with a super stylish video...


Breakfast at Tiffany's. Love love love. Enough said.


Sex and the City - my favourite series ever. How I would love to live in New York, and work from Carrie's gorgeous apartment instead of my tiny flat in Leicester, followed by stylish nights out with the girls sipping cockails or picnics with the puppy and the boyfriend on central park.


As you may know, i've recently started working at wonderful local restaurant, Entropy. On a Sunday I serve up delicious breakfasts, and there is something so New York about enjoying Eggs Benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice to the sounds of Al Green on a Sunday morning, whilsy flicking through the sunday papers. I love it. Don't even get me started on their amazing steaks *drool*

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  1. I so want to go to New York New York (you're not alone baby!) I'd have to be walking around, giant pretzel in hand, ray bans on, listening to a bit of Frank. Cliche maybe but Mr Sinatra is ace-balls x


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