Friday, 17 June 2011

Everyday people... {friday faves}

It's Friday! I don't know why I'm so excited though as I'm working all weekend... booo!!

I was a bit grumpy when I woke up this morning, but fixed it with an awesome feel good Friday tune! I watched Definitely Maybe last Sunday (with the delicious Ryan Reynolds) and this song played during the opening credits and has been stuck in my head ever since - i looove it!

Yet again this week i've been doing so so so well sticking to my 'more blogging' challenge, and I've found that's it's really helping me to keep track of what I'm doing, and by writing down all of my achievements and sharing them with world I feel like I'm 'doing' a lot more!

What i've been blogging about this week...

Dance dance dance {monday musings} - what i've been getting up to this week
♥ The extremely popular 25 random facts about me!
Greetings! New greetings card designs
I LOVE my new printer!!! My very first outsourced printed invitation order arrived
Happy Tuesday! Why my week had been so awesome so far!
Gorgeous new polka dot ribbon! Scrumptious new packaging for my finished orders
New invitation design - Sushi Lovers! The name says it all :)
{twitter post} Wedding Wednesday - Top 6! My favourite wedding tweeps this week
The Wedding Reporter - Design Work & Photoshoot! Showcasing the design work that created for The Wedding Reporter, with lovely images from Ali Lovegrove Photography

I came across this super gorgeous Annina Vogel ring on So You're Getting Married, it's so cute! If anyone would like to treat me (hint hint Joe!!) you can do so here!

♥ Person ♥

Favourite person this week is Kat from Rock n Roll Bride, who not only featured Golden Apple on her blog on Tuesday (click here to read) but has inspired me a lot this week - firstly to add a picture of myself to my About Me page which I think has made it infinitely better, secondly to create the new Sushi Lovers wedding invitation and thirdly she has given some great advice to me and Ali regarding our exciting collaboration, making the project even more exciting!

Other stuff
I was very excited to receive an invitation to the Love My Dress Summer Soiree last night, and will be there with bells on! The hunt now begins for a glamorous outfit fit for the occasion! If there are any other midlands people attending, get in touch and we'll travel down (or up?) there together!

And finally...
I have been dreaming about Paris a lot lately - i really really want to go again! I want to sit by the Seine, eat macaroons in a pretty cafe, visit the museums and galleries and stroll around the shops and bars. This picture sums it up...

Photo credit - Paris Girl by Criswey

Have a lovely weekend!!

Leah x

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