Monday, 13 June 2011

25 random facts about me!

Lots of people seem to be revealing all about themselves on their blogs rcently, and making them a lot more personal - so now it's my turn!

Here are 25 fun facts about me...

♥ 1. Until last month, I hadn’t had my natural hair colour for over ten years
♥ 2. I like dipping toast in coffee
♥ 3. My favourite colour is dove grey
♥ 4. My middle name is Marie
♥ 5. I am a snob when it comes to cocktails and my favourite cocktail varies between Caiprihina, Margarita and Mojito

♥ 6. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year, and I really love Christmas
♥ 7. My favourite possession is the “Snowman” music box that my parents bought me for my 21st Birthday
♥ 8. I have a scar on the middle finger of my right hand where a carpet hook went through it as a child
♥ 9. I also have 3 tiny freckles on my right wrist in the shape of a perfect triangle
♥ 10. I have never been on a plane
♥ 11. I love cooking, especially for my boyfriend & my friends
♥ 12. I have been known to eat a whole packet of ham in one go!
♥ 13. I’ve been trying for years to make the perfect poached egg, and now I can!
♥ 14. I love stationery - Paperchase is like heaven to me!
♥ 15. My favourite flowers are Peonies

♥ 16. I love fancy dress - one day i will dress as Poison Ivy
♥ 17. My favourite food is Japanese
♥ 18. I’m writing a book
♥ 19. I was engaged for 4 years until 2009, to my childhood sweetheart, but then i saw sense
♥ 20. I have a border terrier puppy named Scratch

♥ 21. I get really annoyed when I can’t find something
♥ 22. I hate milk. I can have a small amount in cereal or in tea/coffee but I could never drink a glass full
♥ 23. I cry every time i watch The Notebook
♥ 24. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet
♥ 25. The celebrities on my 'cheat list' are Jason Statham & Gerard Butler

Now tell me something about YOU in the box below!

Leah x

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  1. My favourite book is News from Nowhere by William Morris.
    My favourite curry is Methi Chicken from Curry Fever on Belgrave Road, Leicester.
    I can't get to sleep without the sound of rain and distant thunder.

  2. I have a scar on my stomach that looks like a large ant. It's from some glass stabbing in to my side when I fell in a lake. Your toast and coffee one is weird. I do dip biscuits in juice though. Phoebe xxx

  3. Ned - i've never been to Curry Fever, i'll have to try it! The Grand Durbar on Melton Road or Chill Tree on the narb are my favourites :)

    Phoebe - Don't knock it til you've tried it! I may have to try biscuits in juice, don't know if i'd like crumbs in my juice though as they wont dissolve like in hot drinks!

  4. I have freckles on my arm, which when drawn together look EXACTLY like a teddy bear's face. No word of a lie. I'll bring a pen to the Vintage Chic Wedding Fair and if you're lucky I'll show you xxx

  5. I too long to dress up as Poison Ivy & would suggest we throw a party to achieve this end, but you would blatantly outdo me! Can't wait to read your book. :0)

  6. Oh my god, Lucy I cannot wait to see that! Beats my boring old freckles triangle :)

    Ooo yay, I feel a fancy dress party coming on!
    When will the Wedding Reporter's 1st birthday be? Golden Apple's is in January so if it's close by we should have a joint party!
    Hmm the book is taking forever - maybe i'll finish it one day!



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